Migrant shelters in New York house malnourished and intoxicated minors

Migrant shelters in New York house malnourished and intoxicated minors

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“He has malnutrition, I brought the paper, I have it, but no, they don’t pay attention to me there.”

Cindy, who asked not to be identified by her full name for fear of being kicked out of the hotel as she says another guest was, has been at this Manhattan hotel for 4 months but can’t prepare the food her 2-year-old son needs , diagnosed with malnutrition, since he does not have a kitchen in the hotel room nor can he buy food outside.

“They gave me a permit to bring in a blender and they took it from me and threw it away,” he continues.

The letter he brings from the Bronx Care Health System medical center says that his son’s weight is not appropriate for his age and recommends placing the family in a place where they have a kitchen that can prepare nutritious meals or else the condition of his son It can get worse.

“They tell me that I have to keep hoping that I’m not the only one,” she adds.

Another migrant, who asked to withhold her real name for fear of reprisals, is also staying at this hotel and took these photos of some bad sausages that she says were served to her at the hotel.

“I have bacteria in my stomach from the food, my son also had parasites in his stomach from the food they are giving at the hotel and it has been 4 months since the management entered this hotel with the bacteria and I have not been able to solve because there is no way to have a diet here”, denounces this Venezuelan migrant.

In her weekly press conference, the deputy mayor for human resources and health Anne Williams-Isom said she hopes the decongestion of shelters for families with children to provide them with better conditions in the coming months.

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