Microsoft’s reasons to invest more in ChatGPT

Microsoft's reasons to invest more in ChatGPT

Microsoft will invest ‘billions’ to expand its association with the specialist in artificial intelligence Open AIcreator of the chatbot ChatGPT, a feared chatbot that could be used to cheat at universities and colleges, according to a joint statement from the companies.

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On a company blog tweeted by the executive director, Satya Nadellathe tech giant announced a “Multi-billion dollar investment to accelerate AI advances” what would they be “shared with the world”.

ChatGPT from Open AI caused an internet sensation when it launched in November, allowing users to experiment with their ability to write essays, articles and poems. But the teachers are alarmed.

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ChatGPT is prohibited in universities and educational centers; and in cities like New York and Washington, there has been a debate about whether it constitutes a threat to the future of white-collar work.

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OpenAI also created DALL-E, a program that can draw images and illustrations.

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“International media estimate that Microsoft has invested $10 billion in OpenAI.”


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