Microsoft will say goodbye to two of the most popular Windows applications for the new Outlook

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Two of the most used Windows apps are going to disappear next year and you have this alternative.

Microsoft is about to make a major move in one of the default Windows 11 apps, and they’re notifying you up to a year in advance, so you don’t get caught by surprise.

Concrete, next year Microsoft will replace the default Mail and Calendar apps of your Windows 11 operating system with the new Outlook for Windows app.

It is quite likely that both Mail and the Calendar application that come as default in your operating system Windows 11 you have been using them, and yet they have been available since 2015.

But Microsoft is working on a new Outlook app for Windows, which will integrate both the mail and calendar apps, so they’re no longer needed.

AND have reported in the Microsoft 365 message center, discussing Redmond’s plans for the new Outlook for Windows app.

They will be replaced by Outlook for Windows

The most important thing, without a doubt, is that they are going to do without the default applications of Mail and Calendar, but it will be from September 2024, so you have more than a year to prepare.

The apps will be completely gone, yet they won’t even be available for download in the Microsoft Store.

In any case, if you use both the application of Calendar Like Mail, you will receive notices over the next few months to switch to the new Outlook for Windows.

This is a move that many people will probably not like, since millions will be using both the mail and calendar applications that come by default in the Windows operating system.

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