Microsoft will raise the price of Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass, according to The Verge

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June 22 (Portaltic/EP) –

Microsoft has announced a price increase for one of its next-generation consolesxbox-series-x, as well as its cloud gaming service, Xbox Game Pass, some changes that will arrive in the coming months, as The Verge has advanced.

Console currently xbox series x it has a price of €499.99, while xbox series s can be purchased for €299.99 through the company’s official store.

The head of Xbox and CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, suggested in October last year that the company would need to raise the prices of its products. despite having kept them stable in recent years.

Spencer also suggested that they be held changes in the price of your subscription, Xbox Game Pass, which offers different rates: 12.99 euros per month which corresponds to Ultimate (also includes the Gold service), 9.99 euros for PC and 9.99 euros for the console.

“We have maintained the price of our console, that of the games… and our subscription. I don’t think we can do that forever. I think at some point we will have to raise some prices for certain things,” said the manager according to The Verge and time after Sony increased the prices of playstation 5 by “high global inflation rates”.

This same medium has now advanced that Microsoft will increase the prices of Xbox Series X in most markets starting in August, a change that will also carry its Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions in July.

“We have maintained our prices for consoles for many years and have adjusted them to reflect competitive conditions in each market,” Xbox communications director Kari Pérez said in statements collected by this medium.

Thus, the basic subscription of Game Pass for consoles will rise from 9.99 euros to 10.99 euroswhile Game Pass Ultimate will go from €12.99 to €14.99 the monthly fee, while Xbox Series X will rise to 549.99 euros. The price for PC, on the other hand, will remain at its current 9.99 euros per month.

Finally, the spokeswoman has clarified that these price adjustments for her cloud gaming platform “are not related to the Activision Blizzard agreement” and that they are “intended to match local market conditions.”

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