Microsoft will raise the price of its Xbox Series X and Game Pass

Microsoft will raise the price of its Xbox Series X and Game Pass

Microsoft is preparing a price increase on its most powerful console, the Xbox Series X. This price increase will reach most countries, except for Chile, Japan, Brazil, Colombia and the United States. The new amount that will have to be paid for the Xbox Series X will be equal to the price of the PlayStation 5, a console that already increased in price last year due to inflation.

Therefore, in Spain, the Xbox Series X should go up to 549.99 euros from the 480 euros that is currently around. All this according to the data to which you have had access The Verge, since Microsoft has not yet made any official statement.

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On the other hand, Microsoft will also raise the price of its Game Pass for console and Game Pass Ultimate, subscription services to access the company’s huge catalog of games on console and PC. Specifically, in Spain, the Game Pass for consoles will remain at 12 euros, but the Game Pass Ultimate will go up from 12.99 euros to 14.99 euros. Until now, Microsoft has not increased the price of its gaming subscription services since its launch 6 years ago.

In other countries, Game Pass for consoles will go up $1.

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