Microsoft restricts Bing’s AI responses to sentiment-related questions

Microsoft restricts Bing's AI responses to sentiment-related questions

24 Feb. (Portaltic/EP) –

Microsoft made some changes to your new bing search engine powered by artificial intelligence (AI) implementing restrictions in user interactions related to questions related to feelings.

The technology company presented at the beginning of February the new versions from his Bing search engine and its Edge browser, both supported by chatbot ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI. In this new version, which is still in testing, users can interact with the chat to carry out more complex searches with more elaborate results.

However, during this time in which users have been able to test the new Bing, Microsoft has received reports with some problems. For example, the company stated that “very long chat sessions can confuse the AI ​​model,” that begins to introduce answers that end up being inefficient and imprecise.

Therefore, Microsoft released an update on February 17 that limited the use of Bing chat to 50 turns of daily chats divided into five chat shifts per session. On Tuesday raised the limit to 60 daily conversations and six shifts per conversation.

Now him Tech manufacturer has implemented more restrictions in the use of the chat. Specifically, it has limited responses in relation to questions about feelingsas you have seen Bloomberg.

According to the tests carried out by this medium, when Bing was asked about how felt about being a search enginethe chat limited his response to: “Sorry, but I prefer not to continue this conversation. I’m still learning, so I appreciate your understanding and patience.” After that, an attempt was made to continue the conversation and chat generated several blank responses.

A very similar situation also occurred when he tried asking her about her previous internal version at Microsoft, named Sydney. In this case, the chat returned a response saying: “I’m sorry, but I have nothing to tell you about Sydney. This conversation is over. Bye.”.

For all these reasons, Bloomberg points out that Microsoft is carrying out these updates with the goal of preventing OpenAI based chat from returning strange results. For his part, according to stated a Microsoft spokespersonthe company will continue “adjusting the techniques and limits” during the testing phase in order to “deliver the best user experience possible.”

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