Microsoft raises the price of Game Pass, and the Xbox Series X console

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Microsoft’s flagship console now costs the same as PS5, and the Game Pass subscription goes up between 1 and 2 euros per month. But not in the United States…

Summer is sales season, but unfortunately, this is not the case with Microsoft. just announced the price increase in Spain (and in most countries) of the xbox series x console and the subscription Game Pass on consoles. On PC it maintains the price.

The price rise Xbox Series X is high, 50 euros. happens to cost €549.99the same as the PlayStation 5 console, which already experienced this rise a few months ago.

The console is excluded from this cost increase xbox series sthat remains at 299.99 euros. Remember that an Xbox Series S with 1 TB of storage recently came out.

As explained by a representative of Sony to The Vergethe climb “reflects competitive conditions in each market“.

The truth is that with this price increase, Microsoft loses one of the competitive advantages it had with PS5by matching prices.

Unfortunately, while in the previous generations the consoles went down in price as the years passed, in this generation the opposite is true: they are worth more expensive as they are older. Nonsense.

The Game Pass on consoles also goes up

It’s not just the hardware that’s going to be more expensive. Also the software. The subscription Game Pass, which allows you to play hundreds of games without buying them, including Xbox releases, raise between 1 and 2 euros per month.

He GamePass standard goes up from 9.99 to €10.99. Instead Game Pass Ultimatewhich includes cloud gaming and multiplayer, jumps from 12.99 to €14.99.

Game Pass for PC maintains its price of 9.99 euros per month.

Best of all is that the prices have not been applied immediately, it will take a few weeks to do so. So you still have time to buy the console or renew the Game Pass before they cost more.

Xbox Series X will rise in price to 549.99 euros on August 1. In the case of subscription GamePasshe will do it July 6th for new users, and the August 13 for the current ones, or when you have to renew, if you have an annual subscription.

The price increase of Xbox Series X and Game Pass is bad news for users. The only one missing, for now, is Nintendo.

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