Microsoft, Google and OpenAI commit to developing safe AI

Microsoft, Google and OpenAI commit to developing safe AI

The issue of security is taking on a very relevant role in this sense, as it will also seek that third parties have the possibility of reporting vulnerabilities in their systems, in addition to generating technologies that help mitigate social challenges, including climate change and diseases.

With this series of commitments, the government of President Joe Biden wants to show its intentions to guarantee the development of Artificial Intelligence by complying with certain guarantees, but without hindering innovation.

The Biden administration also noted that authorities in other nations have already been consulted in order for their companies to make commitments, in addition to working together to complement international regulatory efforts.

However, the initiative that companies are taking at this time does not oblige them to do anything, so it is not known when its implementation would begin, in addition to the fact that there would be no real consequences if they do not fulfill their promises.

A White House spokesman told the United States media that they are already working on an executive order to address the risks of AI, which could apply to all federal agencies and departments, but did not provide further details.

This is not the only effort by the government to play a greater role in the development of AI. Last month, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer released a plan for Congress to regulate technology called the SAFE (Safety, Accountability, Fundamentals, Explain) Framework.

With this plan, though he gave no specific policy solutions, Schumer asked lawmakers to create rules to address the potential for AI to harm national security and lead to job losses.

In addition, the White House announced in May funding of $140 million for the National Science Foundation to launch seven new National AI Research Institutes.

That same month, a number of tech industry experts and leaders published an open letter highlighting the risks of AI and calling for it to be made a “global priority” to address concerns around AI not becoming a potential hazard, like pandemics or nuclear war.

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