Microsoft Edge is updated with new gaming features focused on cloud gaming

New efficiency mode of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge wants to become the web browser of choice for gamersso it has been updated with a number of features geared towards both improve performance of PC video games as well as those that we play on the cloud through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as well as a new home page with industry news and quick access to small casual games.

In the windows official blog we can find an article detailing all these developments, starting with the new home page focused on the gaming: It is a home page that is adapted to show us news related to our interests, as well as other types of content ranging from guides, live broadcasts and upcoming releases. In addition, if we log in with our Xbox account we can see news of our gamesand if we have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate we can run our games directly from there in the cloud.Graphical improvements for cloud gaming and performance for PC

The cloud gaming is one of the priorities of Microsoft Edge to become the quintessential browser for users. gamerssince in addition to that quick access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the new browser update includes a feature called ‘Clarity Boost’, which improves the graphics of the titles that we run in the cloud. This technology, which has to be activated manually from the game itself, uses external scaling improvements when we play in streaming in Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 and Windows 11, giving a more “clear and defined” image.

At the performance level, there are other novelties in Microsoft Edge to improve the execution of PC video games even when the browser is not involved: it is a efficiency mode that we can activate to keep the browser open without negatively affecting the performance of our computer. In this way we avoid having to close and open the browser when we want to play, since Microsoft Edge itself will also recognize when we have closed the game to work normally again.

Finally, the browser has been updated with a new games section casual and freeAs the Lonely or the exclusive Microsoft Edge Surf Game. All these new features are now available to anyone who has the browser installed.

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