Miami or Barcelona? After separation, Shakira and Piqué define their children’s future

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Why did Shakira and Pqiué separate?

Although until now, neither of them has disclosed the reason for the separation, the media have indicated that the athlete was allegedly unfaithful. El Periódico de Catalunya pointed out that Pique he was seen with a “blonde” woman, who is a “law student” and who is not a public figure.

Shakira and Pique

However, a new theory suggests that irreconcilable economic differences could be behind the breakup. Recently, Robert Garcia former romantic partner of one of the sisters of Shakirarevealed to the media EsDiario that the interpreter of Congratulations and the soccer player seemed to have a perfect relationship, but in reality there were too many problems between them, mainly for money.

Garcia explained to the media that on one occasion Pique He asked the singer for an amount, without specifying how much, to make some investments and other businesses, but she would have refused after the advice of her parents.

Shakira, Puque and their children.

From that moment the relationship would have fractured and the constant fights would have begun that ended up separating them: “According to a person very close to them, there was a financial problem between them. Supposedly, Piqué would have asked for money from Shakira for an investment issue and the singer’s family refused to give it to him. They don’t mix their money and take the family economy to 50%, ”she said.

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