Metal Gear Celebration Is Coming And It Includes A Reveal

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Since Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami, fans of Metal Gear they have wished for the return of the franchise. Unfortunately, the Japanese company has not given fans good news, but a celebration of the franchise has just been confirmed and a studio excited fans with a revelation.

In recent months, rumors and clues have emerged that suggest that Konami has not turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the fans, but apparently has prepared at least 1 project of Metal Gear and that it would be a matter of a short time for it to be made known.

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Is the announcement of a new game coming up? Metal Gear?

Today there is encouraging news, since the PlatinumGames development studio anticipated that it will celebrate an important anniversary of one of the most controversial installments of the franchise.

We are talking about the master Metal Gear Rising: Revengeancewhich debuted on February 21, 2013 and which for many should not have been called Metal Gear due to its excessive action that it includes, but which is undoubtedly a great game and perhaps one of the best exponents of the hack ‘n’ slash genre and action in general.

PlatinumGames took over this title 10 years ago, so they won’t miss the opportunity to celebrate its huge success with a celebration that includes a reveal. Please do not raise your expectations, however, as the celebration will be limited to the special 10th anniversary art reveal.

It is common for developers, especially Japanese, to carry out streams or events to celebrate game anniversaries without making very important announcements. For example, the Japanese study VanillaWare months ago commemorated the 3 years of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim with a special broadcast, although it did not announce any new games.

It is curious that this celebration takes place shortly after the voice actor of the protagonist Raiden, Quinton Flynn, excited fans on Twitter by mentioning that they stay tuned for “things to be announced” in the following weeks, then of a fan pointing out that the anniversary was coming up. All in all, fans imagined that a new installment or possibly a remaster could be on the way, something like what he did with Vanquish and Bayonetta.

The fan of Metal Gear Either way you should be excited, as you’ll be able to get your hands on some unseen art from a game from 10 years ago. In addition, this act shows that at least PlatinumGames remembers the game. However, those who want to know more about the new projects of Metal Gear they will have to be a little more patient, since nothing is confirmed yet.

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