Meta launches four predictions about the future of work in the world

Meta launches four predictions about the future of work in the world

Virtual Reality to reduce the pain points of remote work

Not all workers perform in the same way and not all have the same preferences about the optimal environment to work. And, according to Meta, companies will need to invest in technology upgrades, including virtual reality, to ensure they embrace all of those differences. Above all, taking into account that a third of the workforce already works remotely.

For example, only 19% of employees say video helps them feel more present in meetings.

In addition, according to Meta, teams of collaborators are increasingly distributed, they are increasingly hybrid, marking differences in rhythms and ways of individual work. Thus, including them through immersion experiences can “reduce the weak points related to remote work.”

different investments

The metaverse, according to Meta, will have a central place but it will be ideal if it works on surfaces in 2D and 3D, to be interoperable with devices of all kinds: desktops, mobile devices, mixed and augmented reality.

62% of surveyed employees want virtual reality spaces with avatars to be able to collaborate at work. And the companies surveyed will be redirecting their investments from classic hardware to new Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices.

This will give more options for inclusion, training and development of creativity in real time, which will increase the value of human talent. 69% of employers said they plan to increase their investments in this area and it will not only be used for training, but even to interact with customers.

The metaverse, beyond the internet

The metaverse will not be built by a single company and, in this sense, it will represent the possibility of building an ecosystem. This will create a world where workers have better access to knowledge, colleagues and different opportunities, no matter where they live or the nature of their work.

81% of employees expect a virtual simulation version of their companies to exist in the next five years.

Not trusting the metaverse, the downside

According to Meta, the direction of technology and the commitment to the metaverse will be the difference in the competitiveness of companies. And he also says that there is not much time to lose, since not only is the investment and integration of new technologies long, but it also requires training and adaptation time. Here you can read all Goal predictions.

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