“Mayor should have asked EPM manager to freeze rates”: Andesco

"Mayor should have asked EPM manager to freeze rates": Andesco

This Friday, February 24, the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, formally asked President Gustavo Petro, the freezing of rates for the services provided by EPM.

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Before the announcement, the National Association of Public Services and Communications Companies, Andesco, spoke out. The association ensures that Quintero’s request should be made to the General Manager of EPM, “pIn order to analyze it and find it viable, present it and support it before the Board of Directors, which the mayor chairs, considering the current regulatory frameworks“.

Along with this, they recalled the importance of not making decisions that may jeopardize the provision of services and the financial sustainability of companies. Andesco assures that in these cases the users are the most affected.

They also ensured that: “Decisions on cost and investment management are the exclusive spring of each company within the framework of the regulation and processes established by the Commissions”.

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Andesco explains that the EPM group has the technical analyzes to take this type of measure and expect them to perform them according to those frameworks. Finally, from the association they indicate that any action must be done in accordance with the criteria established in Law 142 of 1994.

The foregoing, in order to ensure that the provision of public services preserves its quality, continuity and efficiency.“, they pointed out.

It should be noted that Quintero’s request, as he explained it, occurred within the framework of the presidential decree in which Gustavo Petro resumed the functions regulation of public services in the country.


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