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Mathematics is present in each and every one of the areas of life, that is something that no one doubts today. In fact, many of the actions we carry out on a daily basis have a mathematical basis even if we are not aware of it, but this time we are going to analyze how mathematics influences the game and, above all, the online game.

The math of betting

In sports betting there are certain professionals (we could call it a new profession, although in other countries they have already been working online for almost two decades) who share their sports bets with followers, so that people who have no knowledge or experience can obtain their own analyzes and predictions. . For example in Sports Betting 24 You can get free soccer sports forecasts from many different leagues and competitions. However, if you prefer, you can subscribe to the paid services of some tipsters who, linking back to mathematics, have verified statistics that prove their profitability and mathematical accuracy in their career as a sports betting professional. Of course, try to inform yourself well about each of the tipsters that you consider following, since some alter the statistics in a way that they seem more profitable than they really are.

The clearest way in which we can see mathematics applied to sports betting is when it comes to having the odds. In addition, within it we can see different cases:

  • Surebets: where mathematics tells us that by betting on certain markets crossing bookmakers we will obtain a sure profit (mathematically assured taking into account the odds of each of the bookmakers involved in the operation).
  • Bets by value: most of the bets that we obtain from tipsters or professional forecast pages are based on value, that is, that the assigned probability is higher than that assigned by the bookmaker.

As you can see, mathematics is clearly present in sports betting in several different aspects, so it is crucial to try to make a profit with it.

Mathematics in casino games

If mathematics is of considerable importance in sports betting, it is no less important when it comes to casino games.

In the casino we can see mathematics in different aspects as well, highlighting the following:

  • Game strategies, such as the martingale. Martingale is a mathematically profitable strategy, although in practice it is not infallible due to the limits of bets in roulette or even the balance itself available to bet. However, mathematically and removing the bet limit and the bank limit from the equation, it is a totally foolproof strategy in an infinite betting horizon.
  • Random generation of numbers to obtain prizes in the slots and slots of online casinos. Each roll generates a number based on an algorithm that can offer a prize or not, but it has a mathematical and algorithmic basis behind it that decides whether or not a prize is obtained.

For all these reasons, we can affirm that the game does not escape control and submission to mathematics. And you, have you done the math?

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