Master in Applied Mathematics from the Catholic University of Temuco: the first and only Master in Mathematics in southern Chile

Master in Applied Mathematics from the Catholic University of Temuco: the first and only Master in Mathematics in southern Chile

The Magister in Mathematics of the Catholic University of Temuco, noted for being the only one valid from La Araucanía to the South of Chile, currently has open applications for 2023.

With a duration of 3 semesters, the professional program has positioned itself as a prestigious master’s degree to train professionals specialized in applied mathematics.

Luis Concha, a former student of the program, tells us -as an inhabitant of Valdivia- that the program allowed him some time flexibility to be able to attend in person, a rare possibility in postgraduate programs.

On the other hand, Luis mentions that the tools delivered greatly favored his professional and academic development, “I was very satisfied and satisfied with the tools that were delivered because the quality of the teachers is quite good, especially in the more mathematical fields that It is what interests me because I am a mathematics teacher by training, therefore, my undergraduate career was oriented more to the pedagogical than to the mathematical”.

The former student also highlighted that the magister gives precisely that character of scientific application to the theoretical knowledge that he already had or that is delivered in other careers. On the other hand, he mentioned that the master’s degree allowed him to take classes at the same university in in-depth subjects “it was something that I didn’t have before because I didn’t have the knowledge yet, so they have opened several doors for me, I have also been able to apply for some other positions, Many possibilities have opened up for me in the educational environment”.

Currently, the academic is managing the scientific publication of a mathematical model of drug release, a thesis carried out within the program that he intends to disseminate this year.

In relation to the academic faculty, the program has 10 professors part of the faculty and 8 visiting professors, among them is the professor Emilio Cariaga, current Doctor of Applied Sciences, who indicated that taking classes in the Master’s has meant a great opportunity to growth and training, «being part of the Master’s program, personally, has been a great opportunity to contribute to the training of professionals with advanced skills in the modeling of complex systems with an emphasis on models based on differential equations.

To date, three of our graduates have reached a doctoral degree, two abroad, and one in Chile, and in all cases as a continuation of the training received in this postgraduate course. Of particular importance are the high school mathematics teachers who have been able to incorporate the mathematical and computational tools received into their teaching practice”, he concluded.

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