Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: this is how Peter Parker has changed in PlayStation games

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: this is how Peter Parker has changed in PlayStation games

No doubt Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Sony and Insomniac Games will enable the download of the title on PS5 only on October 20, but there is already enough material from the game to know what the plot is about and what are the most notable graphic changes compared to previous games.

Let’s remember that despite the fact that it has the “2” in the title, it is the third installment of the franchise. Marvel’s Spider-Man launched in 2018 and in 2020 Spider-Man Miles Morales came to consoles. In this new game, we will see Peter Parker being drawn to the darkness of the Venom symbiote; for this reason, the character has a black suit.

Mary Jane fails to understand why she is acting this way and asks Morales to help her. Meanwhile, both heroes must face other villains such as Kraven the hunter, who also appeared in the most recent trailer.

Changes in the faces of the characters

One of the elements that has most attracted the attention of fans is the appearance of a new Peter Parker. Actually, it is the same, but it has a renewed appearance. When the PS5 edition of the first game was released, gamers noted that it rejuvenated the character by a few years. Now it has grown, but it no longer has the same appearance as the 2018 version.

During San Diego Comic-Con, Insomniac Games shared a teaser that revealed Parker’s face. The user has shared a graphical comparison between the different editions of the game, focusing on faces.

As you can see, the game has not only changed Parker, but Jane also has a new face. The developer company has sought to demonstrate the passage of time with more mature faces, but at the same time it has modified the features so much that they look like other people.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Official Description

Spider-Men Peter Parker and Miles Morales face the ultimate test of strength in and out of their suits as they fight to save the city, themselves, and their loved ones from the monstrous Venom and the dangerous new symbiote threat.

Explore the sprawling Marvel New York with increased swing speed and new web wings as you quickly switch between Peter and Miles for different stories, epic abilities and high-tech gear.

Use the abilities of the symbiote with Peter and the explosive bio-electric powers of Miles to battle against the iconic new Marvel Super Villains, including an original adaptation of the powerful Venom symbiote, the ruthless Kraven, the Hunter, the wrathful Lizard and many more from Marvel’s huge showcase of enemies.

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