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María Jesús Montero replaces Adriana Lastra as Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE



Pedro Sánchez already has a substitute for Adriana Lastra. The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, will be the new deputy general secretary of the PSOE, as El País has advanced and government sources have confirmed to Montero is one of the heavyweights of the Government and until now he was part of the Executive as a member. He will now be, in addition to the head of the Treasury, the number two of the PSOE. The president’s intention is to grease the machinery between Ferraz and Moncloa. That is why he is going to create a structure that will be the one that pilots the functioning of the party and of which the ministers who sit in the Executive and Sánchez’s chief of staff, Óscar López, will be part. he will carry out that position combining it with the current one as head of the Treasury portfolio.

Sánchez wants Moncloa to coordinate the electoral action and communication of the PSOE

Sánchez wants Moncloa to coordinate the electoral action and communication of the PSOE

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Montero was the spokesperson for the coalition until the changes last summer, but unofficially she has continued to be so at many times. She now formalizes that role to some degree with her rise in the party.

The socialist leader also promotes in the organization chart the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, who will be the party’s new spokesperson to replace Felipe Sicilia, who had been a bet by Lastra. Sánchez certifies that failure and also that of Héctor Gómez as spokesman in Congress, where he will be replaced by Patxi López. Eva Granados will continue in her position in the Senate. Miquel Iceta joins the Executive as head of Democratic Memory, which is the position held by López until now.

A new hard core

Montero, Alegría, Iceta and the parliamentary spokespersons will form part of the decision-making circle that also includes the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, and the Secretary of Organization, Santos Cerdán, who is the survivor of the internal struggle that had already unleashed the former deputy secretary general. And the only ‘sanchista’ who survives in the core of power. That will be the main command structure of the party in full harmony with Moncloa to avoid the dissonances that have occurred in the last year, despite the fact that the profound remodeling of the Government had also pursued a better gear.

The remodeling of the Executive, which is not even a year old after the 40th Congress last October, includes the creation of a post attached to the Secretary of Organization that will be held by Juan Francisco Serrano, from Jaén, who has been one of Cerdán’s trusted men during this time. The secretariat of the Toledo Pact that he until now occupied will be for Iván Fernández, the mayor of Corvera, who will replace Lastra in the Asturian quota.

Sánchez has chosen to give greater relevance to the party to people with a long organizational history, such as the former Lehendakari, with whom he sealed the final reconciliation last week by merging into a hug at the end of an intervention in the debate on the state of the nation. Faced with the attacks of the PP for the agreements with EH Bildu, Moncloa decided to give greater prominence in recent days to what will now be the spokesman for Congress. In the case of Alegría, she has been active for years and Sánchez incorporates her into his closest team of collaborators, despite the distance that separated them in the past. The Aragonese leader was one of the supporters of Eduardo Madina in the 2014 battle and of Susana Díaz three years later. In fact, she was the spokesperson for the Andalusian candidacy against Sánchez.

Iceta has always been an accomplice of Sánchez and one of his trusted leaders in Catalonia, although he had also gone into the background in the relationship with the president in favor of the former Minister of Health and today leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa.

The Federal Committee will ratify all these changes in a meeting that Sánchez convened for this Saturday after the abrupt resignation of Adriana Lastra. However, he has been planning changes for several weeks that will allow him to give a boost to the party and, consequently, to the Government after the debacle in Andalusia.

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