Manolo Lama and Paco González will not be the commentators for EA Sports FC 24


Electronic Arts will not only stop using the FIFA name for its soccer game franchise, but it will also do without the two Spanish journalists who have accompanied its titles for 25 years. Indeed, Manolo Lama and Paco González will not be the commentators for EA Sports FC 24. Similarly, their partner Antonio Ruiz, who joined the duo a decade ago, is also leaving the American publisher’s soccer franchise.

“In their farewell they have accumulated numbers that reflect the commitment and dedication they have shown to the project. In the case of Manolo Lama, he has logged 848 hours spread over 453 studio sessions. For his part, Paco González has reached a total of 424 hours in 191 days. Lastly, Antonio Ruiz has 46 hours in 23 working days”, says Electronic Arts. “Transforming these figures, Manolo Lama has recorded 278,448 lines of dialogue, Paco González 69,362 lines and Antonio Ruiz 7,935 lines. In addition, the first two had to learn, pronounce and record the names of 7,400 players. And to all this we must add the 7,000 goals scored by Manolo”.

In the twitter account from EA Sports FC add that the voices of Manolo Lama, Paco González and Antonio Ruiz “will always be synonymous with football and fun for us”. In addition, they comment that “we will make sure to continue his legacy in the best possible way.”

Possibly Manolo Lama and Paco González were not to everyone’s taste, but 25 years narrating FIFA matches are many, so many that some of their phrases have reached far beyond video games, although not always because they are the most accurate. “Come on kid, go study that EA didn’t make the game for this”, “Bruce Lee would be proud of him for that entry he has made!”, “But my goodness, what a bad shot! This element would not hit a cow even kicking a melon at one meter”, “We wanted to have a great commentator this afternoon, but we will have to settle for Paco González” or “That goalkeeper is like an archaeologist: his future is in ruins” are just a few examples.

Who will replace Manolo Lama and Paco González? For now we do not know and Electronic Arts says that “the new members of the team of casters They will take over.” The rumors They say that the editor would be looking for a youtuber or streamer that it would not be Ibai Llanos.

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