Macron cannot guarantee his safety due to protests

Macron cannot guarantee his safety due to protests

The visit of King Charles III to France, which was scheduled to start this Sunday, has been suspended and postponed to another date without specifying due to the protests against the pension reform of EEmmanuel Macron, which have led to serious riots and almost half a thousand detainees.

The decision has been made in coordination between the governments of France and the United Kingdom after a phone call between the French president and Carlos III, as confirmed this Friday by the Élysée.

According to the French Presidency, France’s desire is “to be able to welcome His Majesty King Charles III under conditions that correspond to our friendly relationship.” At the moment the safety of the monarch cannot be guaranteed 100% as the riots this Friday could spread over the next few days.

[Las protestas contra las pensiones bloquean el Charles de Gaulle y se cancelan cientos de vuelos]

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In a brief statement, the residence of the British royal family confirmed the postponement of this visit and remarked that they are looking forward to the opportunity to visit France “as soon as the dates are found.”

The British monarch was planning to travel to France from March 26 to 29, on his first state visit to another country since he assumed the crown in September 2022. In addition to Paris, where he would be received with all honors, the agenda also included a stopover in Bordeaux, a city where tonight several protesters burned part of of the townhall.

The trip was known at the beginning of March and included a second stop in Germany, which in principle is still in force. In the case of France, the protests against the pension reform have intensified in recent days–more than 450 people were arrested on Thursday alone–and the unions have announced strikes for Tuesday.

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