Lula da Silva commits to govern for all Brazilians for more respect, equality and freedom

Lula da Silva commits to govern for all Brazilians for more respect, equality and freedom

Oct. 31 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The newly elected president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has promised to govern for all Brazilians in his first statement after hearing the results of this Sunday’s elections, in which he also emphasized that there are not two Brazilians and that the majority have chosen more respect, equality, freedom and fraternity.

“As of January 1, 2023, I will govern for 215 million Brazilians and not only for those who voted for me”, the representative of the Workers’ Party (PT) who has won the victory with 50.9 percent percent of the votes with 99 percent of the vote counted, compared to 49.1 percent of his opponent, the hitherto president Jair Bolsonaro.

“There are not two Brazils. There is only one people, only one nation. Nobody is interested in living in a divided country in a permanent state of war. These people are tired of seeing the other as an enemy. It is time to lay down the weapons that have never they should have taken hold,” he said, alluding to the rest of the political parties, according to ‘O Globo’.

In addition, Lula da Silva has expressed that in these elections he was not only facing the other candidate (Bolsonaro), but also the “machine of the Brazilian State” that was at his service to prevent him from winning. “I want to thank the Brazilian people who voted for me, who deigned to fulfill their citizen commitment,” said Lula, who said that he considers himself a citizen who has had a resurrection process, “he said.

The Brazilian has recognized that he will govern the country in a “very difficult situation” but that he is counting on the majority of the people to find a way out for Brazil through the instruments of democracy. For this reason, he has promised that the Brazilian economy “will turn around again” and minorities will be included in the budget, as well as agricultural producers and small businessmen.

“The majority of the Brazilian people decided that they wanted more and not less respect and understanding among Brazilians; more and not less equality, freedom and fraternity in our country,” Lula declared when referring to the plausible implications of the term democracy.

In economic matters, he has also referred to the financial market, stating that the country must recover its “credibility, predictability and stability” so that national and foreign investors regain their confidence in it. In addition, he has pointed out that Brazil cannot limit itself to exporting raw materials and has promised to reindustrialize the country and invest in the green economy.

In addition, it has put the focus on the hunger problem facing the country. “Our most urgent commitment is to end hunger again. We cannot accept as normal that millions of men, women and children in this country do not have anything to eat, or that they consume fewer calories and protein than necessary,” he said.

Finally, he has promised to advance in the fight against violence against women and has promised to confront racism, prejudice, discrimination, “so that whites, blacks and indigenous people have the same rights and the same opportunities.”

Likewise, it has promised to resume monitoring and surveillance of the Amazon and fight against deforestation, since it considers it possible to generate wealth without destroying the environment. In addition, he has stated that his government will have a commitment to the indigenous peoples.

Da Silva has also thanked God for his victory. “I want to start this little speech with thanks to God. All my life I always thought that he was very generous with me, allowing me to go from where I left and get to where I am,” he confessed.

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