‘Lula’ and Bolsonaro conclude their political campaigns in the southeast of the country

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Former president Luiz Inácio ‘Lula’ da Silva and current president Jair Bolsonaro closed a long campaign full of cross-attacks and false news this Saturday. The leftist met with his sympathizers in the city of São Paulo and the extreme rightist met in Belo Horizonte.

Less than 24 hours and a race to the Planalto Palace full of crossed accusations and false news. The two presidential candidates, the leftist Luiz Inácio ‘Lula’ da Silva and the current far-right president Jair Bolsonaro culminated their political campaigns this Saturday.

The southeast of the country was the scene of the last meetings of the two politicians in front of their followers before the final elections this Sunday, October 30.

The former trade unionist and candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT) did so in the city of São Paulo, leading a “victory” march. While the president did it in Minas Gerais.

Both chose to end their campaigns in two of the places with the largest electoral colleges. While São Paulo has 34.6 million voters, Minas Gerais has about 16 million.

On the last day of the campaign, the candidates cannot transmit propaganda through the different media. However, it is allowed to meet with your supporters and invite them to vote.

Lula accompanied by Mujica closes in Sãor Paul

In the company of the former president of Uruguay, José Mujica, and surrounded by a red tide, Lula closed his campaign for the Presidency, the seventh in his political journey.


The PT candidate also held a short press conference. There he reiterated some of the accusations against the president that he made on Friday in the last debate before the elections.

“There is no limit to telling lies. There is no limit to challenging institutions. There is no limit to making threats,” Lula assured. And she added: “A citizen of those, uncontrolled, does not have the mental conditions to govern.”

For his part, Mujica assured that “this is not an election between the left and the right, it is between democracy and authoritarianism.”


On his Twitter account, the former president also called on his followers to vote.

“It is tomorrow! May hope spread throughout the states with Lula’s team in the 2nd round. For Brazil, vote 13”.

In the first round, the former president obtained 48.4% of the votes compared to 43.2% obtained by Bolsonaro. The polls put him as the favorite to win on Sunday.

Bolsonaro meets his supporters in Minas Gerais

Smiling in a yellow T-shirt, Bolsonaro greeted and hugged supporters in Belo Horizonte. The far-right candidate led one of his already common biker marches through the streets of the city before traveling to Rio de Janeiro, which will be the place where he casts his vote.


At the same time, he addressed his followers and invited them to watch over the elections this Sunday.

“Friends, this coming Sunday, now, tomorrow, be Bolsonaro’s prosecutor. At the polling place, you will be attentive, aware of everything that happens there. Help our Brazil,” he assured.

A call that echoes several of the messages in which the president has been critical of the electronic voting system. In these he even hinted that he would not acknowledge the outcome, claims he later denied.

Bolsonaro also obtained the support of a former president this Sunday. It was the Republican Donald Trump who invited to vote for the far-right.

At the same time, he shared multiple messages on his social networks that have been essential for this campaign and his victory in the previous elections. In these he spoke of his economic management and also took the opportunity to criticize Lula saying that he was “a prisoner of the time when the Brazilian was enslaved.”

Despite the fact that the polls put him at a disadvantage, in the last round Bolsonaro surprised by closing an important margin against his leftist opponent, contrary to what they predicted.

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