Liz Truss appointed UK Prime Minister after audience with Queen Elizabeth II

Liz Truss appointed UK Prime Minister after audience with Queen Elizabeth II

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The conservative leader had her meeting with the monarch and after her, she was officially established as the new head of government. She now, she will return to London to appoint her Executive. For his part, Boris Johnson formally submitted his resignation. He previously issued his last public statements in office prior to moving to Balmoral. “This is it, folks. The torch will finally be passed to a new Conservative leader,” the politician said.

The political uncertainty in British territory that was generated after the resignation of Boris Johnson last July is going through a valley. Since then, during the campaign to define the successor, the absence of an active administration was propitious for the economic context to worsen.

With high inflation, the danger of a recession at the end of the year, strikes by workers in different areas and an increase in the cost of living, the time has come for Liz Truss to take office.

This Tuesday, September 6, the transfer of power was carried out so that the former Minister of Foreign Affairs took command of the Conservative Government.

These are the most important news of the British day:

  • 7.20 (BOG) Liz Truss officially takes power as Prime Minister

The conservative politician, in charge of Foreign Affairs during the recent Johnson Administration, became the new head of government of the United Kingdom after formally receiving the honors from Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle, in Scottish territory.

In the formal act where the monarch receives the next president, she asked Truss to compose the new Government that will last until 2024. In the next few hours, the announcement of the Executive that will accompany the 47-year-old woman will be made.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace confirmed that “the Queen received Elizabeth Truss in audience and asked her to form a new Administration.

Truss accepted Elizabeth II’s offer and kissed hands after her appointment as Prime Minister.

  • 7.00 (BOG) Boris Johnson formally tendered his resignation

The now former British Prime Minister met with the Head of State of the United Kingdom at her Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, to formalize his departure from the Government.

Johnson, who previously gave his last words in Downing Street to emphasize the positive aspect of his Administration, opened the bureaucratic path for Liz Truss to take his place.

In a matter of minutes, the monarch will receive the new leader of the Conservative Party to ask her to take command.

  • 6.18 (BOG) Johnson leaves for Scotland

The still British Prime Minister went to Balmoral Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II remains, to formally present his resignation and make way for Liz Truss.

The official plane carrying Boris and his wife Carrie took off at 8:30 local time from Northolt Royal Air Force Base.

  • 5.55 (BOG) The Kremlin does not believe that relations will improve with Truss

Russia reacted on Tuesday to the assumption of the new leader of the Conservative Party and stressed that they estimate that ties with the United Kingdom will probably continue as before.

“Honestly, judging by Mrs. Truss’s statements, it can be assumed with a high degree of certainty that there will be no changes of any kind,” spokesman Dmitri Peskov said on the sidelines of the Vladivostok Western Economic Photo.

“I think that, in the current situation, one can only hope that relations will not get worse, although it is difficult to imagine how they could be worse. He didn’t say anything good about us,” she added.

  • 5.17 (BOG) Boris Johnson gave his last speech

On the steps of Downing Street, the former leader of the Conservative Party delivered his final words as head of the UK administration. “This is it, folks,” he said.

Johnson stated that he will immediately go to Scotland to meet Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle with Truss and formalize the transfer of command.

With a good face, he highlighted the successes during his two years in office, emphasizing the momentum of Brexit, the support for Ukraine in the war and the vaccination program against the coronavirus.

“Never forget that 70% of the entire population received a dose in six months, faster than any comparable country. That is this Conservative Government”, she underlined.

While he also thanked “the British people” for giving him “the opportunity to serve” the country. “Together we have laid the foundations that will stand the test of time, whether it be by regaining control of our laws or by installing vital new infrastructure,” he concluded.

After the speech, Johnson greeted his colleagues and left by car to make the trip to Scottish soil. Upon resigning, the monarch will ask Truss to form a government and hours later the new head will appoint her Executive.

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