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live politics

8:03 a.m.

What we expect from Monday: CIS survey, Díaz in Pamplona with Belarra and Feijóo in Madrid and Barcelona

Monday seems intense. We have the boxes of our agenda marked with numerous events, surveys and interviews scheduled for today. It is not surprising, the elections are already on the horizon and the parties have no time to waste. These are some of the appointments we have written down to follow during the day:

  • Pedro Sánchez will be interviewed on RNE and Yolanda Díaz, on Cadena SER.
  • Sánchez will be in Brussels and then he will go to Huesca for an event in the afternoon.
  • Díaz has a rally in Pamplona where he will share the poster with the leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra.
  • Feijóo has a double portion of acts this Monday, with Madrid and Barcelona.
  • We have a CIS survey.

We will tell you all this and more throughout the day. Stay with this link to not lose detail of the day.

7:55 a.m.

Good morning! The right does not have a guaranteed majority, the balance of the PP with Culture and Díaz’s strategy with the undecided

Good morning! I am Diego Larrouy and from my desk in the Madrid newsroom I will tell you all the political news in the morning. I hope to catch you already on vacation and with the vote sent by mail. If you’re going on vacation and still haven’t received it, don’t worry, today could be the day. The campaign is already facing its final stretch and I suppose that, like us in the writing, you are looking forward to knowing the results of 23J. But patience, for now we bring you these topics to start the day:

  • We do not have the results of the elections, but we do have those of the survey on Monday, the last legal day to publish polls. The Simple Lógica tracking shows a PSOE on the rise, a right that has not secured an absolute majority and a tie between Sumar and Vox in third place.
  • For this reason, Sumar has accentuated the clash against the right in his rallies in recent days. He has one objective: to mobilize the undecided who opted during the last week of the campaign.
  • As if it were a juggler at a traffic light, the PP has been moving its positions in recent weeks on the Ministry of Culture. At first he assured that he would eliminate it as “savings” and integrate it with others. Now it is the “solution to all problems. Who knows if it will be Vox who assumes it after the elections as it has done in different territories.
  • Vox, by the way, which is in full ideological transition. The most liberal profiles are giving way to the most ultra-Catholic, those linked to HazteOir or El Yunque. Llanos Massó, in the Valencian Community, or Liberto Senderos, in Barcelona, ​​are some of these examples.

We start with this, but it has only been an appetizer since the morning promises to be intense. There are only a few days left to ask for the vote and the parties are accelerating.

we start.

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Written by Editor TLN

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