Like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! Square Enix was going to release Final Fantasy XVI on 2 discs

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final fantasy 16 will debut next week both digitally and physically (although some are already playing it and sharing spoilers). The game is known to come complete on 1 disc, but it was close to being so big that 2 discs would have been required.

You read that right, Clive’s story is huge to such an extent that it was planned not to fit on just 1 disc, but the box would come with 2 Blu-ray discs, as it will. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth next winter.

We know this thanks to the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida, who in an interview with Famitsu confessed that originally final fantasy 16 it would be sold as a 2-disc set given the amount of information it contained.

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final fantasy 16 it was close to being a 2 disc game

However, El creativo refers that half a year before the launch the team realized that it was possible to compress the size of the game and in the end it was possible to put the complete game on 1 disc.

This was a very good decision from which Square Enix, the development team, players: everyone benefited.

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Players who buy the game physically won’t have to deal with 2 discs or spend as much space on their PlayStation 5 storage, but players who buy the digital version will benefit the most from the latter.

For Square Enix it was also a very good thing, since making the game only need 1 disc prevented manufacturing costs from going up. Also, thanks to this decision the team had more time for development, since they did not have to rush to get the master ready or the final version that is sent for mass production (if 2 discs were needed, the team would have had to have the final version ready long before so that all the units planned for the premiere could be produced), as Yoshida pointed out.

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final fantasy 16 it is in development exclusively for PlayStation 5, the platform on which it will debut on June 22, 2023. You can find more news related to it if you visit this page.

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