Lasso meets with the US ambassador to the UN

Lasso meets with the US ambassador to the UN

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, representative of the United States to the United Nations, met on Friday with the President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, as part of the official agenda of the president in New York.

A statement, signed by the spokesman for the United States Mission to the United Nations, Nate Evans, points out that one of the central themes of the meeting was “the solid bilateral relationship” between the two countries.

The ambassador thanked the president for her country’s association in the UN Security Council, “highlighting in particular Ecuador’s role in ensuring the unanimous renewal of the mandate of the UN Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH),” the text added, noting that the ambassador also thanked Ukraine for its support and “its commitment to the enduring principles of the UN Charter.”

For its part, the Ecuadorian presidency reported, through its Twitter account, that Ecuador raised with the official the need for UN member countries to strengthen measures against “transnational organized crime, in serious crimes such as drug dealingillegal mining, human trafficking and illicit arms trafficking”.

Likewise, the text says, he reiterated the interest to the official in the approval of the IDEA Law, “which will benefit 99% of Ecuadorian products that are exported to the US, with zero tariffs.”

Another of the issues discussed, says the presidency, was the need for the South American country to receive support to face the “El Niño” Phenomenonwhile Ecuador was recognized by the official “for the actions it takes to reduce the impacts of climate change.”

According to a statement from the Communications Secretariat of the Ecuadorian Presidency, Lasso also held meetings with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and with the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres.

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