LaLiga returns and DAZN leaves the Movistar app


To be able to watch football in Spain, you have to hire the services of DAZN or Movistar. These two large television networks or platforms are the ones that handle almost all the sport that is broadcast in our country.

There are hardly any channels outside of these two giants, although we could name Gol TV and Teledeporte. The latter is public, is part of the RTVE group, and broadcasts a lot of minority sports (athletics, futsal, handball, etc.).

This means that if you want to watch men’s first or second division soccer in Spain, yes or yes you have to pay for the Movistar or DAZN services. They’ve split 100% of the royalties and there’s no getting out of that bear hug.

For all those who already pay for one or both television services, today comes a very important change to the Movistar+ application after years of working in the same way. Yes, DAZN is leaving the apps never to return.

DAZN outside of the app but not on the decoder

This is very important. Those who only pay for DAZN have always had to use the DAZN app or client to watch football, tennis, boxing or Formula 1 matches. Goodbye. But there is a second possibility, which is Movistar+ customers who paid for the complete sports package.

These, when paying for all the sport, included in their advantages being able to see the DAZN La LaLiga channel and the DAZN 1, DAZN 2, DAZN 3 and DAZN 4 channels. All these channels appeared both in the Movistar+ app and in the TV decoder used to watch Movistar+.

Changes come only to the appsince now this will not have the DAZN channels and Movistar+ users who have paid for this service will have to access the DAZN application to be able to see this content. Luckily, the DAZN channels will remain on the Movistar+ decoder.

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