Kuleba warns of reprisals for those who do not support Ukraine enough during the war

FILE - Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dimitro Kuleba.

FILE – Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dimitro Kuleba. – Marcus Brandt/dpa-Pool/dpa – File

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Kuleba argues that China “is ready to arm Russia”

March 17 () –

The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dimitro Kuleba, has warned that they will take into account for future relations the behavior of those countries that now “treated Ukraine badly” during the conflict and has criticized those who have preferred not to get involved. “In war you have to take a stand,” he has said.

“If anyone in the world thinks that the way this or that country behaved or treated Ukraine at the darkest moment in its history will not be taken into account in building future relations, then they don’t know how diplomacy works.” , he said during an interview for the BBC.

Despite the enormous military and warlike display provided by the Western powers, from the beginning Ukraine has received with discomfort that other countries of the global south have preferred to remain neutral. While some of them traditionally have a good relationship with Russia, many others believe that these same powers are unnecessarily prolonging the war.

Ukraine does not understand how many of these countries, especially in Africa and the Middle East, which are highly dependent on their wheat and grain production, have not shown a stronger stance against Russia. “In times of war, you have to take a stand and every decision is recorded,” she warned.

One such country could be China, whose President Xi Jinping is visiting Moscow next week. Kuleba has stressed that Volodimir Zelensky is prepared to talk with his Chinese counterpart about the war, although he believes that in Beijing “this is not the time … when they are prepared to give Russia arms.”

Kuleba has also returned to insist on Ukraine’s already recurring complaint that the Western powers are not offering the necessary military and economic support as quickly as possible, reproaching them for not being prepared for a war of this magnitude.

“We want our allies to act faster. If a delivery is delayed by one day, that means someone will die at the front. That means someone who could have been alive will die,” he said from the Foreign Office in Kiev.

Likewise, he has also shown his discomfort with Pope Francis for not having “found the opportunity” to visit Kiev since the war began and although he acknowledges that only God can judge the Pontiff, he has “deeply regretted” that he has gone through the country to see first-hand what is happening there.

As far as a negotiation with Russia is concerned, Kuleba has assured that they have not received any intentions from the Kremlin to talk about the end of the war, but as far as he is concerned, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, his The objective is to seat Ukraine at that dialogue table “after a decisive success on the battlefield”.

Kuleba has also referred to his biggest partner in this war, the United States, where it is speculated that support could vary if the Democrats are not the ones who prevail in the presidential elections next year. The Ukrainian minister does not think so and has stressed that they will be able to “survive” any republican election. “The greatest luxury we have is bipartisan support” from the United States, he has said.

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