Kirby Confirms New Collaboration To Launch A Line Of Cute Stuffed Animals

It's time to have your Kirby

We get good news for all the followers of Kirbyespecially for those who are enjoying Kirby’s Dream Buffet, since a new collaboration has just been announced that will result in an adorable collection of plushies.

It’s time to have your Kirby

As you surely know, Japan is recognized for offering a tremendous variety of collectibles from different video game sagas. Now, different stuffed animals have just been announced that the community will undoubtedly like.

We refer to a new collection that will be the result of the collaboration of Kirby with the manufacturer Sanei, who decided to concentrate on Kirby’s Dream Buffet to launch 8 different and adorable plushies of the character.

Here you can see them:

This is the new collection
This is the new collection

As you could see, Sanei has everything ready to offer these collectibles that will be in different colors, styles, and sizes, so it will surely be difficult to decide when buying.

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It is worth mentioning that the most striking stuffed toy of all is the “giant” Kirby, which measures 30 × 31 × 28 centimeters and has a first place ribbon, an ornament that will make it a great gift.

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The bad news is that, for the moment, this collection is only confirmed for the Asian country and it will begin to be sold from next August, so we will have to be vigilant to find out if it will reach the West.

Would you like to have one of these Kirby plushies? Tell us in the comments.

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