Kerbal Space Program 2 for PC Lands in Early Access


Four years after its introduction, the space flight simulator Kerbal Space Program 2 is finally available for PC via early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store for €49.99. Versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series will follow later. The team in charge of developing the game has been Intercept Games, a studio owned by Take-Two that was born after the publisher maneuvered to destroy Star Theory, the person in charge of the first Kerbal Space Program.

“We have thoroughly redesigned Kerbal Space Program 2 to accommodate the demands of modern and next-generation space exploration, while maintaining the monumental foundations of the original game,” explains Intercept Games. In this simulation title, players will be invited to develop a space program, building vehicles, ships and other gadgets while learning the basics of aerospace engineering. The game features over 350 new customizable pieces, an enhanced boarding experience, and new alien environments to explore.

As Kerbal Space Program 2 progresses through Early Access, it will receive updates to give players access to a new generation of tools and technology including engines, parts, and fuels. The new technology will bring new puzzles to the table, but it will also enable new feats of space exploration, both within and beyond the original Kerbolar system. This last option will be possible thanks to intergalactic travel, which will make it possible to reach new star systems and celestial bodies, each with its own challenges and secrets.

Also new to Kerbal Space Program 2 are colonies, which pose their own physical challenges and rely on collecting resources to build structures, space stations, habitats, as well as new types of fuel. “Over time, these colonies will be advanced enough to build vehicles to travel into deep space and beyond,” explains Intercept Games. For its part, Private Division, a Take-Two label, adds that with Kerbal Space Program 2 “we have laid the foundations of something bigger that we will build over the years.”

Kerbal Space Program 2 does not have a date to leave Early Access and will leave this program when the development team considers “that both the game and all its features have reached the level of quality that we seek.” For now, it’s time to settle for the roadmap that you have below.

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