Kenya asks Spain and Morocco for “practical measures” in the face of what happened in Melilla

Kenya asks Spain and Morocco for "practical measures" in the face of what happened in Melilla


The permanent representation of Kenya before the UN Security Council, which has convened this Wednesday a briefing on the death of at least 23 sub-Saharan immigrants last Friday during an attempted jump over the Melilla fence, has asked the authorities Spanish and Moroccan “practical measures” to avoid tragedies like the one that happened in this Spanish enclave.

“Tragically, this was not an isolated event. This is part of a worrying trend in recent years in which people from Africa travel to Europe via the Mediterranean (and) suffer an extreme violation of their human rights,” he said. the representative of the Kenyan mission, Mike Kiboino, in a statement.

In this sense, after the briefing at the UN Security Council convened by this country, Kiboino has called on the relevant authorities “to ensure a prompt investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

The Kenyan permanent mission has also urged to recognize and act to ensure the security of African migrants who flee due to wars and insecurity in their countries. “We reiterate our call for the promotion and protection of African descendants in all nations, without exception,” she said.

“The international community has a responsibility to ensure that all migrants and refugees are treated with dignity, regardless of their origin, race, religion or place of birth,” he added.

For this reason, he has claimed that attention to African migrants, like those fleeing Ukraine, deserves “the same level of attention.” Thus, the permanent mission to the UN of Kenya has reiterated to the European Union and the African Union that they guarantee that the migratory movement through Europe is “safe and dignified”.

At least 27 people, according to NGOs, 23 according to sources from the authorities cited by the Moroccan official press, died due to the intervention of the Moroccan security forces during the attempt of more than 2,000 sub-Saharans to cross the Melilla fence last Friday.

After the clashes, Moroccan security forces handcuffed and piled immobilized migrants on the ground in the streets of Chinatown in the city of Nador, images that have gone around the world.

The European Union has also asked this Tuesday to “shed light” and establish the events that occurred in Melilla, as well as a UN committee for the Protection of Migrant Workers and their Families, which has urged an “exhaustive, independent and transparent investigation “.

Likewise, the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, the spokesman for the General Secretariat, Stéphane Dujarric, alluded to what happened in Melilla and described it as “unacceptable”.

“Since you ask me about it, I want to express, using a term that we have already used before, how shocked we are by the images of the violence that we have seen on the border between Morocco and Spain, in North Africa, during the end of week. (…) Which, once again, has resulted in the death of dozens of human beings, asylum seekers, migrants,” Dujarric said during a press conference.

“The excessive use of force is unacceptable and the human rights and dignity of the people who are displaced must be prioritized by the countries”, the UN Secretary General highlighted in a brief message on his official account on the social network. Twitter.

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