Karol G would be very interested in Rauw Alejandro and would have shown it with this message from the networks… Tremble, Rosalía!

Karol G / YouTube

Carol G would have shown interest in Raww Alexander in this way… Careful, Rosalía!

Colombian singer The 31-year-old does not stop giving what to talk about, and in addition to being the undisputed queen of the moment in the urban genre, thanks to hits like ‘Tusa’, ‘BICHOTA’ and ‘Ay, DiOs Mío!’, the beautiful young woman has the world with its eyes on her, thanks to her spectacular photos on Instagram, a platform on which she has more than 54 million views. followers.

Karol G / YouTube

On this occasion, however, Carol G has surprised in another way: With an impressive photo with which he would have sent a secret message to Raww Alexander!

Everything happened, of course, from the official profile of Karol G on Instagram, a space that the artist has always used to show off her great body and her bikini models from the beach.

In fact, one of the most popular photos of Karol G saw the reggaetonera enjoying the sea from a yacht, where she was also extremely hot.

Karol G - Provence
Karol G / Provence

This is because the interpreter posed in a small bikini of Animal Printwhich he combined with a stuffed giraffe that he placed in a strategic place.

However, what caught our attention the most was the caption of the post of more than 3 million likesand it is that in this, Carol G he wrote that they tell him that he “combines with the sea”.

Is it a message to Raww Alexander? And we must remember that in the pop hit ‘Todo De Ti’, the Puerto Rican says “you match the sea, that bikini looks phenomenal” very close to the chorus.

wow! Does Rosalia tremble?

Well, it seems not, and it is very possible that Karol G has simply referred to the color of her hair, which now has blue with green details and, indeed, matches the ocean.

Karol G / Instagram
Karol G / Instagram

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