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Justice authorizes the delivery to the United Kingdom of a far-right accused of instigating attacks by Telegram

Neo-Nazi propaganda published by ultra-British Chris TK on Telegram in November 2019, according to the organization 'Hope, not hate'

The Council of Ministers will have to decide whether to hand over to the United Kingdom a British far-right who, from his home in the province of Alicante, was in charge of a Telegram channel dedicated to spreading supremacist slogans, encouraging his followers to commit racist attacks and , even, disseminating manifestos of the far-right terrorists who perpetrated the massacres of Utoya and Christchurch. The National Court endorsed his delivery last June but on the condition that, once tried and if found guilty, he be returned to Spain to serve a sentence in a prison in our country due to the family and work roots he has in the Valencian Community. At the moment he is in pretrial detention and the courts have recently refused to release him until he is handed over.

The documentation of the case, to which has had access, reveals that this British citizen residing in Alicante, who goes by the initials of Christopher TK, is accused by the authorities of his country of being an active member of Patriotic Alternative, Far-right, supremacist and racist group based in the United Kingdom and successor to the dismantled neo-Nazi terrorist organization National Front. He managed, according to this accusation by the British Prosecutor’s Office, a Telegram application channel created in 2020 and with more than 1,800 subscribers in which he personally spread all kinds of racist, supremacist and far-right content.

On this channel, he allegedly posted content “predominantly aimed at fomenting hostility against non-whites and encouraging direct violent action against them, as part of a white supremacist ideology.” In the first quarter of 2021, for example, he linked to various documents encouraging readers to carry out terrorist acts.” Among them, manifestos of up to four far-right terrorists, including Brenton Tarrant, who in March 2019 assassinated 51 people in a terrorist attack perpetrated in several mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and also one of Anders Breivik, supremacist author of the massacre of 77 people on the Norwegian island of Utoya.

His writings on this Telegram channel, says the National Court, “make it clear that he is aware of the content of the publications, as well as his conviction to prepare for a war between races.” UK investigators requested his arrest last February and he was arrested and released on bail. A second unsuccessful appeal last June led the National High Court to decree his entry into provisional prison, where he remains to date awaiting delivery from the country that he left more than three years ago with his family.

The judges of the criminal court, who signed their endorsement of conditional extradition on June 30, value that the writings that this far-rightist bounced through his Telegram channel “directly encourage homicidal attacks in the name of supremacy white, expose their racist ideology and include practical tips for committing terrorist acts.

The National Court has also studied the type of sentence to which it is exposed in the United Kingdom: 15 years in prison for each crime of dissemination of terrorist material, based on the British Terrorism Law. And its resolution reflects the legislative difference between that country and Spain when it comes to considering this type of event relating to the extreme right: “These events, in Spain, would constitute a hate crime in conjunction with a crime of terrorist glorification punished with a prison sentence of one to four years, the first of the crimes outlined, in his individual consideration”.

The judges, last June, rejected all the defense arguments of the British far-right to avoid extradition: an alleged lack of evidence against him, the requirement of double criminality or the request that, in any case, he be tried in Spain and not in the UK. “The delivery request is proportionate and the crime for which he is claimed is not a political crime,” the judges reply, among other arguments. They do accept that his delivery be conditional and that if he is finally convicted he can return to Spain to serve a sentence for the family roots he has in Alicante, contrary to what the Prosecutor’s Office had requested.

The British Prosecutor’s Office, in its extradition request, explained that Chris TK is an “active” member of Patriotic Alternative, a political group in the United Kingdom that emerged after the dismantling of the neo-Nazi group National Action, with which it shares objectives: to extol the “English race” and remove immigrants from the UK through direct action. A direct action focused on the United Kingdom and not on the rest of the continent.

The alleged member of the group claimed by the Westminster Magistrates Court is known for the activity he maintained on various social networks until his arrest in Alicante last March. Known in various profiles as ‘Charlie Big Potatoes’, this far-right has not only been responsible for spreading the ideology of hate and terrorist manuals through Telegram and other channels, but has also created others to spread physical training content for far-right militants . His departure from Spain resulted in a strong confrontation with other British far-right leaders, as can be seen in his usual communication channels on Telegram.

The dossier published in November 2021 by ‘Hope, don’t hate‘ about Patriotic Alternative reflects the activity of this neo-Nazi beyond the dissemination of terrorist material of which he is accused by the Justice. They define him as a “figure with increasing influence” in the neo-Nazi group and highlight that “until recently his ‘fitness officer’ has been in charge.” He actively participated in the ‘Patriotic Talk’ podcast, defined as “one of the most influential on the extreme right in the United Kingdom”. He is credited with creating the ‘Fascist Fitness’ Telegram channel.

‘Hope, not hate’ affirms that this neo-Nazi has promoted the terrorist supremacist theories of James Mason, has incited the use of violence and has come to ask for “fans, people who are willing to die for this cause, a group of people who know exactly what you want.” On its website, Patriotic Alternative explains that it has “a plan” for a “healthy, successful and prosperous” UK. A plan that happens, above all, to nip the arrival of immigrants in the bud while an accountant reports that there are approximately 43 years left for the “native British” to be a minority in the country.

It is a matter of time before the Council of Ministers addresses the extradition of this member of the British extreme right to London, where he will be tried for the alleged dissemination of terrorist material through a Telegram channel where he accumulated around 1,800 followers.

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