July 2 was the hottest day in global history, and on July 3 the record was broken again

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As if the warnings from thousands of scientists around the world aren’t enough, here’s the real data. It’s getting hotter, all over the planet.

The average global temperatureincluding the poles, reached 17.01 degrees Celsius Last monday 3rd of July. He July 4th went back up to 17.18 degrees Celsius. And surely she is not going to stay here. He is he world average temperature record for as long as there are recordsalmost 50 years ago.

17 degrees may not sound like much, but In the average enter the countries that are in the middle of winter, as well as the poles, where there are temperatures below zero. is the highest average global temperature since 1979.

This global warming can be seen very well in this graph that shows temperatures throughout the year, since 1979.

The blackest line in 2023and we can see how he breaks records almost every month, until he reaches the July 4thwith that absolute record of 17.18 degrees average centigrade:

It is 0.98 degrees higher than the average of all previous years. An unprecedented brutal ascent.

All these data, and many more, appear compiled on the web Climate Reanalyzercreated by the University of Maine. Collect temperature data from around the world, every day, since 1979.

An increasingly hot planet

As we see in the cover map, corresponding to July 3, The United States, southern Europe and Asia, and northern Africa and southern America are in the “red zone”with temperatures ranging between 25 and 40 degrees.

The Web Climate Reanalyzer It is very interesting, because it also allows you to see weather forecast for any city in the world.

This increase of almost 1 degree Celsius in the world average temperature record, in 2023, It is very worrying. A few years ago, increases of 1 degree occurred from decade to decade, but now we go year by year.

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The most worrying thing is that the greatest increase in temperature is occurring at the polesaccelerating the melting and rising sea level.

As we see on the map, warming also occurs in the oceansand that gives rise to hurricanes, cyclones, tropical storms, and other natural disasters.

In the first two days of this week, The world average temperature record has been broken since there are records, 44 years ago. Climate change advances, but we continue with our arms crossed.

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