Jewish settlers attack Israeli soldiers in the West Bank

Jewish settlers attack Israeli soldiers in the West Bank

27 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Israeli Army has reported this Monday that a group of settlers has attacked soldiers with stones in the vicinity of the Shavei Shomron settlement, near Nablus, in the West Bank, and one of them would have even tried to run over an officer with a vehicle.

The Army has condemned “the serious incidents of violence.” “An Israeli citizen tried to run over an officer of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who was at the scene. The military responded by shooting at the wheels of the vehicle and its driver fled the scene with him,” the military statement said. quoted by ‘The Times of Israel’.

It has also been known that on Sunday night a high-ranking Army officer was attacked by settlers near the Rimonim settlement. The attacker, Colonel Eliav Elbaz, got out of his SUV to try to stop the settlers from throwing stones at Palestinian cars passing through the Rimonim crossing, northeast of Jerusalem.

Elbaz and several of his subordinates tried to intervene to stop the attack, but the colonists turned on them and attacked them back. “The suspects verbally assaulted the officer and pushed him,” the Army explained in a statement. Police have arrested two individuals who have already been released.

“The IDF condemns any manifestation of violence, obviously also against soldiers or security forces. The IDF supports the brigade commander and his soldiers, who work day and night for the safety of Israel’s citizens and residents of” the West Bank, he points out.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has criticized “the attack by Jewish rioters against IDF soldiers” as an “unacceptable and very serious act.” “There will be no tolerance for those who break the law”, he has riveted himself.

These incidents coincide with raids on Palestinian civilians following the shooting on Sunday of two Israeli settlers near Huwara. Israeli settlers stormed the Palestinian town on Sunday, burning dozens of houses and vehicles and killing a Palestinian civilian.

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