JetSuit flying suits reach the army and emergency teams (video)

JetSuit flying suits reach the army and emergency teams (video)

Little by little, Gravity’s jetpacks begin to gain a foothold in the real world. Science fiction becomes science.

the british company Gravity Industries has been developing for many years his flying suit, JetSuit, the most advanced on the market. It has already accumulated thousands of hours of testing, and at we have carried out extensive coverage of its evolution in recent years.

JetSuit is different from other competitive flying suits because the thrusters are not on the back, but in the hands of the pilot. This makes it much more maneuverable. Literally, you move the thrusters by handand not by pressing a button.

Thanks to this system you can reach a spectacular speed of 135km/h, and allows more precise control. In this link you can see him participating in a race against a rally car.

It is not a prototype. It’s on sale now for a few €400,000although you must pass a course to be able to use it.

It is unlikely that this suit will be allowed to be used for civilian use, in public areas, so Gravity He has focused it on two different types of markets: the military, and the emergency.

This week he has published a new video, which you can see at the beginning of the news, where he shows how the flying suit is being tested in real training missions by six NATO armies, and by emergency services.

In the military field, it has been tested in numerous scenarios, both on land and at sea, in which small groups of specialists or elite personnel must move quickly through difficult terrain, in any weather, day or night.

The JetSuit implements new military and police tacticsas it allows infantry or police to “jump” from the ground to the roof in seconds, board ships or trucks on the move, and access areas inaccessible by land.

It seems a useful tool in raids, sabotage, ambushes, extractions, maritime boarding, anti-terrorist urban containment, etc.

Since a medical point of view, as we see in the second part of the video, the flying suit allows quick access in difficult terrain or weather conditions, to provide critical care in circumstances such as blood loss, shortness of breath and pain management. It saves valuable time for evacuation.

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