Jashogi’s widow asks the US and the UN for help to recover her husband’s electronic devices

Jashogi's widow asks the US and the UN for help to recover her husband's electronic devices


Hanan Elatr, widow of Saudi journalist Jamal Jashogi, has asked the United Nations and the United States to intercede with Turkey to be able to recover the electronic devices of her husband -murdered in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul in 2018- as he intends to use them in upcoming legal proceedings.

“I have the right to receive all his possessions, especially now that I am embarking on a legal action in the United States against all the parties responsible for the murder of my husband,” the journalist’s wife demanded in several letters sent in November and January to which NBC has had access to.

In them, he asks that Jashogi’s laptop, tablet and two mobile phones be handed over to him, as they could contain “undisclosed details” about his murder in view of the legal process that he plans to initiate in the United States against the Saudi and Emirati governments, as well as and against the Israeli cyber agency NSO Group, creator of the Pegasus spyware.

Elatr has explained that Turkey recovered these devices shortly after the murder of her husband and that despite her personal requests to the Turkish government and the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, she has not been listened to, beyond referring her to the appropriate legal channels that they represent. the courts of the Ottoman country.

However, Elatr, an Emirati citizen and in asylum status in the United States, has explained that she cannot resort to the Turkish Justice due to lack of a passport and financial resources. Besides, her time is running out. In November, she prescribes the deadline to file a complaint against NSO Group, after learning that she spied on her phone and that she could have done the same with her husband’s.

“Not only Saudi Arabia is guilty. There are many who are and we have the right to know and bring them to justice,” Elatr said in an interview for NBC, in which he also points to the responsibility of the United Arab Emirates and NSO Group, that he always denied that Pegasus had anything to do with that “heinous murder”.

Elatr plans to file a criminal and civil complaint against Saudi Arabia for the murder of Jashogi in a United States court despite the immunity enjoyed by Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salmán on American soil due to his position as Saudi prime minister.

Despite this, in February 2021, a report declassified by the United States Intelligence services concluded that the Saudi prince approved the murder of Jashogi, in addition to linking another twenty people.

The other two cases will go against the United Arab Emirates, a country that she accuses of having installed the Pegasus spyware on her mobile phone when she was detained by intelligence agents from that country at the Dubai airport in April 2018, as well as the aforementioned Israeli company.

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