It’s official! Marvelous Reveals New Daemon X Machina Game

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Marvelous supported the Nintendo Switch in its first years on the market with the exclusive game Daemon X Machina, so that the console would not run out of mech fighting games. If this proposal was to your liking, we have good news for you, since today it was announced that a new Daemon X Machina is on the way.

Today the Marvelous Game Showcase 2023 took place and the Japanese company took the opportunity to reveal several titles that it has in development, among which is Daemon X Machina: Titan Sciona new game in the series.

In 2021, 2 years after the premiere of the original title, producer Kenichiro Tsukuda promised that there would be a sequel, without offering many details about it given the premature nature of the project.

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Daemon X Machina It will have a sequel and he boasted it in the first trailer

Well, the producer’s words were real and today he kept his promise, because developer First Studio shared the first trailer for Daemon X Machina: Titan Scion.

Unfortunately, the preview doesn’t show any gameplay, instead it’s a CGI sequence that shows one of the game’s Arsenals, but in the end it manages to show the official logo of the delivery.

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In case you don’t know, Tsukuda worked on the series. Armored Core and was the producer of the first Daemon X Machina. The details of the plot are not known, but it is important to remember that Tsukuda was talking about a sequel in 2021. The platforms this new game will reach were not revealed, but we must also remember that First Studio mentioned in 2020 that it was already working with consoles next generation at the time (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S).

You can check out the reveal trailer below (as of the 28:00 mark of the video below).

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