“It’s horrible”, they filter images of Project Q; fans criticize the PlayStation device

Project Q continues to generate controversy for its concept and design

Project Q, the new PlayStation portable device, has generated controversy since its revelation. Many players are not happy with his concept, while others give him the benefit of the doubt. However, this division of opinion changed after someone leaked images and a video of the device.

Photographs and a clip showing a Project Q in operation are circulating on social networks. The material surprised the community and most of the players were disappointed with the appearance of the device. So they did not hesitate to criticize him on social networks.

Project Q continues to generate controversy for its concept and design

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Players lash out at Project Q after leaks

Twitter user Zuby_Tech shared the Project Q leaks, and instantly PlayStation fans reacted. The reception was not positive at all, as the community launched harsh criticism of the device, its concept and its design.

The leaks reveal that the device would have an operating system based on Android. Likewise, the images give us a clearer idea of ​​its proportions and the size of its screen. Gamers were completely disappointed, as they believe that the device looks very bad and is not ergonomic at all.

Part of the community believes that Project Q looks bad and that there was little work on its design. “This is quite possibly the most horrible designed product I’ve ever seen,” said one player.

On the other hand, its concept leaves a lot to be desired, since most players would have loved it to be a portable console as such. There are even people who believe that it is a false leak and that it is the work of a fan, since they consider that the product looks much worse than they expected.

Because of this, some players are hoping that the leaked material is fake and Project Q a bit different on its debut. However, Tom Henderson, one of the industry’s most trusted insiders, backed up the leak.

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