It’s beautiful! Filter new special edition of the Xbox Series X | S controller

It's beautiful!  Filter new special edition of the Xbox Series X | S controller

Xbox is about to give something to talk about again in the field of gaming accessories and devices with the launch of a new edition of its Xbox Series X|S control whose color combination is quite attractive and the best thing is that it would be within a few days after its release.

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The new Xbox Series controller is beautiful

If there’s one thing Xbox hasn’t been missing since the Xbox One era, it’s controls and the Microsoft brand continues to meet fans’ desires for color combinations. After all, gamers want a piece that enhances their gaming experience. According to a report from VGCthe Xbox community found information and details about the impending release of a special edition Xbox controller called Stellar Shift.

The discovery and leak took place in Amazon Europe and at this time the link is active confirming that the product is real.

The new Xbox Series X | S controller would be on sale soon

According to the product publication, the Stellar Shift special edition Xbox controller features a special pattern on the back to improve grip and its color combination features flashes of blue and purple, this time alluding to space and space. phenomena that stand out for their visual appearance.

According to unofficial information, this Xbox control will be on the market on February 14, but it has not been revealed if it will only be available in Europe or will also reach other parts of the world.

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