Italian Police arrest Matteo Messina, the country’s most wanted mafia boss on the run since 1993

Italian Police arrest Matteo Messina, the country's most wanted mafia boss on the run since 1993

The considered boss of bosses of the Costa Nostra, the sicilian mafia (Southern Italy), Matteo Messina Denaro, has been arrested this monday in a private hospital in Palermo. Messina was the most wanted criminal in the country and he had been on the run from justice for 30 years.

The capture of the mobster, with various life sentences for the Cosa Nostra attacks in 1993 and numerous homicides, comes after the intensification of the investigations carried out by the prosecutors of Palermo Maurizio de Lucia and deputy Paolo Guido, Italian media have reported.

Born in castelvetranoin the Sicilian province of Trapani, Messina Denaro, which today he is 60 years oldmust serve several life sentences for the 1993 attacks in Florence, Rome and Milan in which ten people died.

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It is also considered the brain of the bombs that caused the death of the two anti-mafia magistrates in 1992 Paolo Borsellino and Giovani Falcone, the latter’s wife, Francesca Morvillo, and eight escort agents.

In a final ruling, the role of Messina Denaro in the so-called Cosa Nostra attack strategy for pressure the state in the 90s and proves his participation both in those of 1992, claimed by “Totó” Riinaas in the 1993 bombs, commissioned by another mafia boss, Bernardo Provenzano.

It was just after these attacks when Messina Denaro disappeared and, after the arrest of Riina and Provenzano, it was considered that se continued pulling the strings of Cosa Nostra from an unknown location.

Despite being the most wanted man in italythis did not prevent him from traveling to Barcelona (Spain) to undergo vision surgery, as has been shown in several investigations, according to Efe.

The power of the considered last boss of Cosa Nostra, the last of the “corleone”, It is demonstrated not only in its extensive network of contacts and front men that it has sought over the years, but it can also be quantified in the more than 4,000 million euros that have been confiscated from their environment.

Of him they only had few photographs from 30 years ago and the latest robot portrait includes new details entrusted to the police by some of the detainees around him.

The new image depicts him as somewhat older, with the dyed black hairwith a little more weight, but above all without the dark glasses with which he was known due to vision problems.

Giorgia MeloniItalian Prime Minister, thanked the police authorities for the arrest of the top mafia boss and described the carabinieri operation as a “great victory”.

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