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It will not be able to cope with all driving renewals

It will not be able to cope with all driving renewals

Until this Tuesday, June 20, more than 4.6 million drivers must renew their driving license, according to data from the Ministry of Transportation based on reports in the RUNT. However, until today, only close to 1 million Colombians have advanced the process, which could mean that many of the drivers face fines without driving without it or being unable to drive their vehicle.

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According to the Vice Minister of Transportation, Carlos Eduardo Enríquez, of the total number of vehicles to renew the license, 76% correspond to motorcyclists, which would be the main affected.

“It is the largest number. Most of these licenses are in Antioquia, Bogotá and Valle del Cauca”said Enriquez.

However, in this way all the driving actors and CRC, in addition to the Mobility Secretariats will work at full speed, it is statistically impossible to serve all drivers, since only 22,000 licenses can be issued per day.

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In addition, this date cannot be postponed, since the Constitutional Court gave this day as the limit to advance the process.

“After June 20, you can still renew your driving license, however, the recommendation is that you not drive, because before any control operation, the vehicle is immobilized and the subpoena is imposed. Then , the process can be done, but keep in mind that there is a high risk of immobilization”, acknowledged the Vice Minister of Transportation.

The Ministry of Transport will work, after the date, to expedite this process for the thousands of Colombians who cannot advance the process.

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Sanctions for not renewing it

Driving with an expired license constitutes infraction B02 of the Traffic Code. In case of not carrying out the renewal and being caught committing this infraction, a fine of $309,336 pesos, according to the values ​​in force for the year 2023, and it is possible that the vehicle will be immobilized, generating additional costs to the initial penalty.

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