Israeli settlers kill a Palestinian and burn dozens of houses in retaliation for an attack

Israeli settlers kill a Palestinian and burn dozens of houses in retaliation for an attack

Settlers demand revenge for shooting death of two Israeli youths


Dozens of Israeli settlers have assaulted the West Bank town of Huwara this Sunday, setting dozens of houses and cars on fire and killing a Palestinian and wounding more than a hundred in a reprisal attack for the death of two settlers shot near the place.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has confirmed the death of a man shot during clashes in the town of Zatara, south of Huwara and near the Kfar Tapuach settlement, reports the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

The victim has been identified as Sameh Aqtash, 37, according to the Palestinian Authority, which denounces the presence of Israeli forces in the place. The settlers demanded that the security forces attack the “nests of terrorism” in this area.

Palestinian media have published images of homes and vehicles on fire and have reported that several Palestinians have had to be treated by medical personnel for inhaling tear gas. One man is seriously injured by a stone impact on the head and another has been hit with a metal bar.

The Palestinian Red Crescent has confirmed that it has treated 98 people injured in the clashes and has denounced that three ambulances have been attacked.

The Israeli Army has reported “violent disturbances in various locations” in the West Bank and the intervention of military and police forces.

The Red Star of David has reported that it has provided medical assistance to two 16-year-old adolescents affected by tear gas near the Yitzhar crossing.


The ‘number two’ of the Samaria Regional Council that brings together the Israeli colonies, Davidi Ben Zion, has called for the “razing” of Huwara in retaliation for the attack.

“Here in Huwara the blood of our sons has been shed. Huwara has to be razed today. Enough talk about building and reinforcing settlements. We have to regain the deterrence that has been lost. There is no room for mercy,” he said. stated in a message posted on Twitter.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has mourned the death of the two Israeli settlers, but has called for restraint. “The Army and the security forces are looking for the murderer. We are going to find him. We are going to capture him and justice will be done,” he assured.

“I ask you that although the blood boils and there is agitation, you do not take justice into your own hands. I ask you to allow the Army and the security forces to do their job,” he added.

In this wave of retaliation by settlers, a group has moved to the Evyatar settlement, empty since 2021, and has announced that they will stay in place.


The Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohamed Shtayé, has pointed to the Israeli authorities as responsible for the “horrible crimes” of the settlers and has denounced the protection given to them by the Israeli forces.

“These crimes are the expression of a systematic policy of the Israeli government, whose ministers openly support these crimes contrary to International Law and deny all signed bilateral agreements,” Shtayé said, according to the Palestinian daily ‘Al Quds’.

Shtayé has thus called on the UN and international human rights organizations to intervene urgently to protect the Palestinian population. “The scenes of houses and cars burning and the attacks on citizens while fire trucks are prevented from passing and ambulances carrying the sick and injured are attacked… All these are crimes that require international intervention to force the occupation authorities to stop,” he argued.

The Palestinian leader has assured that these crimes “do not discourage our people in their struggle to achieve freedom, independence and the creation of a State with the borders of June 4, 1967 with the capital in Jerusalem.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Islamist group Hamas, Salé al Aruri, has called for the “urgent uprising of the masses” to confront the occupation and the “criminal settlers” and support the people of Hawara and its surroundings.

“Today (…) is the day of honor of arms and resistance is the way to repel Zionist aggression, defend our usurped rights and preserve sanctity, the greatest of which is the blessed Al Aqsa Mosque”, has added.

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