Is the Ukrainian counteroffensive turning the tide of the war?

Is the Ukrainian counteroffensive turning the tide of the war?

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In Ukraine, local forces continue to regain ground thanks to their successful counter-offensive in the east of the country, while Russia has stepped up airstrikes in some of the reconquered areas. In recent days, thousands of Russian troops have been forced to withdraw from several key cities in the south and northeast. We analyze the last turns of the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces advance over vast areas seized from Russian troops. kyiv says its soldiers have regained control of more than 20 villages in 24 hours, with many residents returning to former frontline villages. Is the tide of the war changing with the new advances of the Ukrainian troops? We analyze it together with our guests:

– Cristian Medina, full professor at the History Institute of the Universidad San Sebastián in Chile.

– Genaro Beristain, professor of International Politics at UNAM and TEC de Monterrey.

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