Is that you, Pokemon Sleep? Clues suggest early reappearance of the mysterious project

Image: The Pokemon Company (via Serebii)

Next week will be very special for fans of Pokemon not only because the franchise will be 27 years old, but also because The Pokémon Company will be holding a commemorative event filled with announcements and hints suggest it could include information from a forgotten game in the series.

We are talking about Pokémon Sleepa proposal that more than being a traditional game would be an experience in the Quality of Life branch of games, which, judging by the original information, would be related to the activity of sleeping.

Unfortunately for lovers of the series or sleep, nothing has been said since then (2019) and the only information has been unofficial through ambiguous and strange patents that suggested that the project was closer to cancellation than to a comeback.

But it seems The Pokémon Company could be ready to talk once and for all about the mysterious project and we say this for a couple of reasons.

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whatPokémon: Journey of Dreams is Pokémon Sleep?

First you should know that a mysterious project called Pokémon: Journey of Dreams, which we learned about thanks to the Chinese division of the company. It is precisely a poster that anticipates an animated short of Pokemon.

The illustration is beautiful and has many elements that evoke nostalgia and that could well work as a complementary experience of Pokemon.

It is possible to distinguish the Ultra Wormholes of Alola (Pokemon Sun & Moon), Sinnoh’s Spear Pillar (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl & Platinum), the Castle of N in Unova (Pokemon Black & White), the whirlpools of the Whirl Islands in Johto (Pokemon Gold & Silver), Team Flare’s lair on Kalos (pokemon x and y), the skies of Hoenn (Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire & Emerald) and, of course, the confrontation in the Cerulean Cave against Mewtwo in Kanto (Pokemon Red & Blue & Green).

It is striking that only the main games for exclusively portable consoles are covered, since there are no references to Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokémon Scarlet & VioletNintendo Switch titles.

Image: The Pokemon Company (via Serebii)

The trailer for Pokémon: Journey of Dreams it’s lovely

Well, today the trailer for the animated short came to light, which reveals beautiful scenes in which a child visits the places we told you about and that appear on the poster and strongly suggests a relationship with dreams, as if He will continue his game sessions, taking the leading role in the dream plane and he even manages to see that someone is accompanying him.

Yes, for now we know that Pokémon: Journey of Dreams It will be an animated short, but it is not ruled out that it may be linked in a certain way to Pokémon Sleep, the project that The Pokémon Company announced years ago and about which it has said almost nothing since. It is not unreasonable to think that in the Pokémon Presents on February 27 Pokémon Sleep reappear with more details and a stronger product or service that is complemented by the animated short that will debut the next day.

So far, this project is announced for China, but it is very likely that it will have a worldwide launch, not only because projects of this kind reach the whole world, but also because at the bottom the credits refer to Nintendo, Creatures and Gam Freak as owners of the brand and not just the Chinese regional division of the company.

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So the reappearance of Pokémon Sleep is near?

The other tip was pointed out by Twitter user CentroLeaks and is related to the project site. According to the user, the web domain Pokémon Sleep redirects to the official announcement of next Monday’s Pokémon Presents, which suggests that the reveal will take place there.

While the web domain might not belong to The Pokémon Company and might rather be someone playing on the feelings of fans, this appears not to be the case, as CentroLeaks and reddit user Alice_June that the site was originally acquired by an agency Nintendo and The Pokémon Company work with that previously carried patents on the project.

Fortunately, the wait will not be long to see what the short is about Pokémon: Journey of Dreams and if it is linked to Pokémon Sleep.

Are you waiting for the reveal of Pokémon Sleep? Tell us in the comments.

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