Is Mario Kart 10 coming? Fans think they have found the answer in Super Mario Bros. The Movie

Image: Universal Pictures, Nintendo (via reddit)

Super Mario Bros. The Movie It has been on the billboard for a couple of months now, but it continues to give people something to talk about. In fact, the new topic of discussion that the film has provided is the possibility that Nintendo is ready to announce Mario Kart 10.

The idea seems crazy at first glance because it’s not the way Nintendo usually makes its announcements, but it might make some sense.

We say this because now that the movie is available on Blu-ray and offers access to 4K resolution and some artwork from the project, fan AutomaticSir411 made a discovery that could be related to the next iteration of the racing series.

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whatMario Kart 10 it’s coming? clue so suggests

The user shared an image of the plumbing business vehicle of the brothers Luigi and Mario on reddit. There are no outstanding details at first glance, but there is something interesting written on the PVC tubes that it transports, since it has several alphanumeric sequences engraved, among which “MK10500N” stands out.

For anyone, this could well mean nothing, but for fans of the series it could be interpreted as “Mario Kart 10 soon” (Mario Kart 10 coming soon), which could hint that the game (or at least its announcement) is near.

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Image: Universal Pictures, Nintendo (via reddit)

The reader should note that the original count of Mario Kart goes on Mario Kart 8 (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe), but Mario Mart Tour (the mobile game in the series) is widely accepted as Mario Kart 9. That being said, fans are hoping that the next Mario Kartsupposedly for consoles, be known as Mario Kart 10.

Having explained the above, this interpretation could make sense, but it is also very possible that the message does not mean anything and that it has only been used to troll the fans, since it must be considered that the other nomenclature, which could serve as the release date, it does not make sense, since it corresponds to a past time (December 3, 2022).

It is also pertinent to remember that Nintendo continues to support Mario Kart 8 Deluxe via DLC with new tracks.

Do you think Nintendo is hinting at the upcoming debut of Mario Kart 10? Tell us in the comments.

The movie of Super Mario debuted on April 5, 2023. You can find more news related to this series if you visit this page.

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