Iraq accuses Turkey of carrying out an attack on Sulemania airport and demands an apology from Ankara

Iraq accuses Turkey of carrying out an attack on Sulemania airport and demands an apology from Ankara

Baghdad does not give more details but US sources understand that it was a drone attack against the commander of the SDF


The Presidency of Iraq has accused Turkey this Saturday of carrying out an attack against the airport of the city of Sulemania which, according to official US sources, would have been directed against the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who has survived the assault .

“Turkish military operations are constant in the Kurdistan region, the last of which has been a bombardment against the Solemania civilian airport,” the Presidency announced in a statement collected by the official Iraqi news agency, INA, without Give more details about what happened.

US government sources have described the attack as a bombardment carried out by a drone against an American convoy in which Mazlum Abdi, commander of the SDF, was traveling. The attack left no victims.

Sources have hinted to the ‘Wall Street Journal’ that Ankara may have been behind the operation since it considers the SDF — US allies in its fight against the Islamic State in Syria — as “the Syrian wing” of the Party of Kurdistan Workers, an organization that the Turkish government considers a terrorist group.

Although the main formation of the Iraqi-Kurdish government has accused a rival group of being behind the attack, or at least facilitating it, on the office of Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid, there is no doubt of Turkey’s involvement.

“We condemn these flagrant attacks against Iraq and its sovereignty, and we affirm that there is no legal reason for the Turkish forces in their initiative to terrorize peaceful civilians under the excuse of the presence of anti-Iraqi forces on our territory,” the statement added. note.

Therefore, the Iraqi Presidency demands that Turkey “assume its responsibility and offer a formal apology, stop these attacks and resolve its internal disputes through dialogue with the parties concerned.” Finally, the Iraqi Presidency warns that “as these attacks are repeated, a firm position will be adopted to prevent their recurrence in the future.”

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