Iran considers that the recent negotiations with the EU have been “constructive”

Iran considers that the recent negotiations with the EU have been "constructive"

July 5 () –

The Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amirabdolahian, has considered that the recent negotiations between the Iranian authorities and the European Union have been “frank and constructive”, emphasizing the need to keep the channels of dialogue open regarding the return to the nuclear pact.

Amirabdolahian held a call on Tuesday with the High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, who considered that the “de-escalation of the nuclear program and cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) continue to be crucial”.

“I stressed that military cooperation with Russia is unacceptable, that EU detainees must be released and that Human Rights must be respected,” Borrell said through a message on his profile on the social network Twitter.

The Iranian side has stressed that Tehran “has always been a supporter of peace and stability in the world, including Ukraine,” considering that “in this context, stopping the war is only possible through political initiatives.”

Likewise, the Iranian minister has stressed the “need for Europe to seriously and effectively address all kinds of Islamophobia”, while he has “strongly” condemned the insults committed in Sweden against the Koran, reports the IRNA news agency.

Regarding this issue, Borrell has indicated that “insulting the Koran is not the position of the European Union, and any insult and action against religions will be absolutely condemned and repudiated by the EU”.

Last week, the EU member states agreed to add to their ‘black list’ seven members of the judiciary, politicians and members of the security forces in Iran accused of promoting internal repression against the protests unleashed after the death of the young woman. Masha Amini at the hands of the Iranian Police.

In this way, the EU completes nine months of tightening the siege of those responsible for the internal repression in Tehran and has been applying sanctions against Iranian leaders since October. In total, the Twenty-seven include 223 people and 37 entities on their ‘blacklist’ in response to the authoritarian drift in the country. There is also a European ban on exports to Iran of equipment that can be used for internal repression and telecommunications control equipment.

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