Invías authorizes total closure in the Naranjal sector on Vía al Llano

Invías authorizes total closure in the Naranjal sector on Vía al Llano

Through Resolution 2472, Invias authorized the total closure of the Naranjal sector on Vía al Llano, between PR46+100 and PR50+100, for the start of cleaning and debris removal work due to the emergency caused by the torrential flood of the sector’s ravine, which occurred last Monday and affected the community and road infrastructure.

(Why is Vía al Llano susceptible to disaster closures?).

The National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) and Coviandina reported that the Ministry of Transportation, through the National Institute of Roads, Invías, authorized the closure of the Bogotá-Villavicencio road corridor.

As this is one of the most important routes to connect the capital with the Eastern Plains, the entities recommend alternative routes to the public, while the works that allow normalizing mobility through this important road artery are carried out.

(Announcement that alternate crossing from Vía to Llano will be enabled).

For individuals weighing less than 30 tons, mention the route Bogotá– El Sisga– Machetá– Guateque– Santa Maria– San Luis de Gaceno– El Secreto– Aguaclara– Villanueva– Barranca de Upía– Paratebueno– Cumaral– Restrepo– Villavicencio.

And for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of less than 52 tons per Bogotá- Tunja- Sogamoso- Pajarito- Aguazul- Monterrey- Villanueva- Barranca de Upía- Paratebueno- Cumaral- Restrepo- Villavicencio.


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