Internet connection: which technologies are the most suitable for gaming?

Internet connection: which technologies are the most suitable for gaming?

The video game in Peru they represent a growing industry, which in turn has recognized teams of gamers present in various competitions. Also, many people entered this world during the pandemic. Increasing the sales of this industry by 20% worldwide. In our country alone, 600,000 people purchased some type of video game and online championships increased by 150%.

The reduction of network speed or a delay in the response time of the internet signal are two of the most common problems in this activity. For this reason, it is important that both experts in this industry, as well as regular players of online games, ensure an adequate connection for each game, avoiding cuts or interruptions as much as possible”, emphasizes Arlett Tataje, Business Development Manager of D-Link Peru, who also shares the 2 technologies that will ensure a successful gamer game.

Wi-Fi 6 Routers

Some time ago, in the face of latency or ping, which are delays in the response between the game and the user’s actions, the connection via ethernet cable was recommended. However, this is not an option if we take into account that current applications are designed only for mobile platforms. Technologies like Wi-Fi 6 far outperform traditional wiring.

These routers are designed to get the most out of the connection with much higher speeds. They are innovative, easy to configure and high performance, with up to 1.5GHz Quad-Core processors (Quad-Core), ideal for streaming 4k/8k or playing online games. These will communicate a greater amount of data to the devices, will optimize the connection in times of inactivity, reducing interference and battery consumption; and provides freedom of movement without experiencing cuts.

Wireless adapters: This is the first USB adapter to quickly add next-generation Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. With the software already preloaded on the adapter, installation is one click away. This device delivers incredible wireless speeds with optimized network performance and efficiency, allowing you to take full advantage of your network for lag-free multiplayer gaming, live streaming, stutter-free 4K/8K movies, and seamless video calls by upgrading your computer to the new Wi-Fi 6 generation.

This device is AX 1800 class selectable dual-band, therefore it is capable of achieving a speed of up to 574 m/s in the 2.4 GHz band and a speed of up to 1201 megabit per second in the 5 GHz band. In addition, thanks to the Wi-Fi 6 standard, this new device will allow us to connect to the wireless network with greater coverage and higher speed for each gamer game.

Finally, the expert emphasizes that both the smart routers with Wi-Fi 6 from D-Link: DIR-X5460, DIR-X1870 and DIR-X1560, as well as the DWA-X1850 USB adapter, have technologies such as MU-MIMO, OFDMA and Beamforming. This means that it allows you to send data simultaneously, it allows you to connect dozens of wireless clients without having an appreciable loss of speed globally, as well as providing extra coverage, and it will also increase the speed of the local network.

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