INSTAX SQUARE Link is the instant printer that will allow you to create the most creative photos with augmented reality

INSTAX SQUARE Link is the instant printer that will allow you to create the most creative photos with augmented reality

21 Jan. (EDITIONS/Portaltic) –

INSTAX SQUARE Link is the new Fujifilm instant printer for ‘smartphones’, which allows printing in the INSTAX SQUARE format, with a 1.5 times larger size than its predecessor INSTAX mini, and maximize creativity with AR Print augmented reality function and INSTAX Connect image sharing function.

For those who like remember the moments framed in photographsand more if they can be enjoyed in physical format, Fujifilm makes available INSTAX SQUARE Link, which offers a wide variety of functions for users to share their personalized photos either in digital or physical format.

This is the new installment of the Link series of instant printers developed by the Japanese company. this printer maintains the essence of previous versions in terms of design and simple form of use, as we have been able to verify in Portaltic.

It is a compact device that tranTransfer an image from a smartphone via Bluetooth and print it on a average of twelve seconds. Thus, it allows printing several continuous copies, reaching up to one hundred impressions per full battery charge.

On its front side it has a single center button to give the order to print, which is lights up with different colors during the process. The main button is accompanied by another button in the upper left corner that is used to link the printer with other devices.

However, INSTAX SQUARE Link desTaca mainly for offering a larger print and in a square format. This size is 1.5 times the print size of the INSTAX mini as the photo is 62mm x 62mm in size. In this way, the photographs They are wider allowing you to see the image with more clarity and detail than in the previous model.

Besides, the image quality Once printed it’s good. In fact, it is remarkably better than what you get with instant cameras. This is probably due to the added quality of photos being captured with mobile phone cameras rather than an instant camera lens.

This is one of the advantages of INSTAX SQUARE Link, which allows physical print format with INSTAX SQUARE film, without having to compromise on quality of photography.

Also, this device allows us to choose between two print modes. On the one hand, the way INSTAX-Rich, which brings out the colors of the photo by enhancing the tones. On the other hand, the mode INSTAX-Natural, which prints the photo in softer, more natural tones. Choosing one way or another ensures a totally different photo and can translate into improvements when printing, like a dark photo looks better with INSTAX-Natural mode.

Likewise, it also offers tools to adjust the brightness, the contrast and saturation of the image, as well as filters to add other styles to the photo.

Another option that INSTAX SQUARE Link allows is the collage print combining up to nine photos in a single print. It also includes multiple frame templates, stickers, and other print mode options that were already used with previous printers in this product line.

To manage all these functions, you need to do using the SQUARE Link appwhich can be obtained for free from Google Play for Android phones, and from the App Store for iPhones.

Another of the characteristics for which this printer stands out is the wide variety of functions that it offers us to enhance creativity and give free rein to the imagination. This is much appreciated when sharing memories with other people, because it can be done in an even more personal and original way. This printer allows include your unique touch in each photograph.

Such personalization features are unique to this printer, including the ability to embed augmented reality into photos with AR Print, and interactive connectivity combining photos and chats via INSTAX Connect.


fujifilm It mixes the physical with the digital, allowing you to add augmented reality details to the photographs. This function is based on adding special effects such as text, more images, background colors, drawings or animations to the physical photograph itself.

To see these special effects the QR code that is printed along with the photograph must be scanned with the camera of the smartphone. This code takes you directly to the SQUARE Link app, from where the camera will open and all the added effects will appear in augmented reality whenever you are focusing on the printed photograph.

All special effects are added through the ‘app’ selecting the ‘Original Content’ option before printing the photo. Nevertheless, This option does not allow those who do not have the application to see augmented reality, although they do have a QR reader, since it is only visible from the ‘app’ camera. In this sense, the process is a bit difficult or, at least, more laborious.


Another option offered by this printer is to digitally share photos and messages using INSTAX Connect. In this way, you can also customize the image either with text or effects. The novelty is that, once personalized, it can be sent in digital INSTAX SQUARE format to any ‘smartphone’ or tablet.

The people to whom we have sent that photograph they can keep adding text or effects to that same image as long as they have the app. In fact, a conversation can be recreated simulating a chat in the shared image itself, with the text framed in speech bubbles.

Unlike with the augmented reality function, Any user, even if they do not have the application downloaded, can open this image on their device and view any messages or decorations that have been included in the photo.

Also, this image can be printed at any time with all the modifications that have been added by the users to whom it has been shared. In this way it create a joint customization process with other people getting a closer experience.


INSTAX SQUARE Link uses a instant film FUJIFILM INSTAX SQUARE and for printing use a three-color OLED exposure head. The number of exposure pixels is 800×600 points and allows print images in JPEG, PNG, HEIF and DNG formats.

It also uses a rechargeable battery via a USB-C type cable that takes about 80 to 120 minutes to get a full charge.

This new printer is available in the colors white (Ash White) and green (Midnight Green). Also, it has a sale price in Spain of 149.99 euros.

For all these reasons, INSTAX SQUARE Link has all the ingredients to make it a Must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys photography and sharing highlights with friends, family and colleagues. It is a simple and comfortable device to transport to be able to share these memories at any time and with anyone.

Also, with all the options included in the ‘app’ make this printer a very complete and creative elementcapable of carrying out very different photography designs that allow very particular customization.

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